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MP5K Folding Stock (MP5K/K‐Navy/PDW)

MP5K Folding Stock (MP5K/K‐Navy/PDW)
Brand: HK Accessories
Product Code: 701212
MSRP Price: $203.57 Our Price: $190.99

MP5K Folding Stock (MP5K/K‐Navy/PDW)

HK Marked MP5K, SP89 & MP5K-N, PDW Folding Stock

This is the original "HK" marked HK factory stock found on all HK German MP5K's or PDW's. Each stock is marked HK and uses the HK German backplate/buffer factory assembly.

Fits all:
  • HK MP5K
  • HK MP5K-N
  • SP89, MP5K clones & other custom builds (all NFA rules apply)

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