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Fingerprint Kits

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Black 2" x 4" Hinge Lifter, 12 ea.
2" x 4" HINGE LIFTERS—Sized for multiple fingerprints or partial palm prints. 131LB includes 12 - 2"..
MSRP Price: $6.75
Master Expert Latent Print Kit
This SIRCHIE® kit offers the crime scene investigator all the methods of developing fingerprints ava..
MSRP Price: $379.50
Master Kit with Rechargeable BM500 (110V AC/220V AC)
This is SIRCHIE®’s top-of-the-line BLUEMAXX™ kit which offers the investigator the capability of han..
MSRP Price: $649.95
Narcotics Analysis Reagent Kit (NARK)
The NARK® is a field test kit that offers screening of the most frequently abused drugs and narcotic..
MSRP Price: $98.00
Patrol Latent Print Kit
SIRCHIE®’s Latent Print Field Kits offer a combination of many of the most widely used latent print ..
MSRP Price: $27.50
Regular Porelon Deluxe Postmortem Kit
This kit contains all the components needed for fingerprinting the deceased and infirm. It includes ..
MSRP Price: $54.50
Rubber/GEL Footprint Lifters (1-white, 1-black)
These unique footprint lifters are designed to allow for an accurate transfer of foot or footwear pr..
MSRP Price: $21.95
SEARCH Master Latent Print Investigation Kit
This kit is the most complete kit of its kind. It features supplies for every method of processing c..
MSRP Price: $549.95
TexturLift Mikrosil Kit
NO. DSP100 TEXTURLIFT™ KIT Developing latent prints on textured surfaces is usually not a difficult ..
MSRP Price: $116.50
White 1 1/2" x 2" Hinge Lifter, 24 ea.
1 1/2" x 2" HINGE LIFTERS—Sized for single fingerprint lifting. 130LW includes 24, 1 1/2" x 2" White..
MSRP Price: $7.75
White 4" x 4" Hinge Lifter, 12 ea.
4" x 4" HINGE LIFTERS—Sized for multiple fingerprints or full palm prints. Cat. Nos. 131LT4 Transpar..
MSRP Price: $7.75
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