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Metal Detectors

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 Enforcer G-2 Hand-Held Metal Detector by Garrett
The powerful Garrett Enforcer G-2's, proven hand-held metal detector can detect all concealed meta..
MSRP Price: $119.95
CS 5000 Walk-Through Metal Detector by Garrett
One of the industry’s most cost effective and reliable walk-through metal detectors! The CS 50..
MSRP Price: $4,495.00
CSI 250 Ground Search Metal Detector by Garrett
This advanced metal detector also features a Target ID Legend designed to identify targets commonl..
MSRP Price: $279.95
Fluorescent Invisible Detection Powder, Pale Green
Powders are compounded in various natural colors to blend with diverse object backgrounds to reduce ..
MSRP Price: $20.95
Investigator G-500 Ground Search Metal Detector by Garrett
The Investigator G-500 is extremely easy to use. Its easy-to-read LCD continuously displays all di..
MSRP Price: $499.95
Super Scanner Hand-held metal detector
The SuperScanner® is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world and has led the ind..
MSRP Price: $199.99
SuperWand Hand-Held Metal Detector by Garrett
Revolutionary hand-held detector is the preferred choice for modern security screening. From U...
MSRP Price: $229.95
THD Hand-Held Metal Detector by Garrett
The most rugged, compact hand-held detector on the market – ideal for security screening. Th..
MSRP Price: $199.95
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