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Deer Calls

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Big Bucks Bag, Hang Tag
Description: Big sounds come in a convenient compact size. Sound like small bucks sparring or reprod..
MSRP Price: $14.45
Bottleneck Deer Grunt Call, Trap
Description: Soft flexible bottleneck design automatically creates back pressure that Speaks The Lan..
MSRP Price: $19.95
Deer Bleat & Bawl, Trap
Description: Hunters just cannot believe how the bawl brings does charging in during the early seaso..
MSRP Price: $9.45
Fightin' Horns, Trap
Description: Made with high tech polymer to deliver the same consistency and structure as real antle..
MSRP Price: $21.45
Hardwood Fawn Bleat, Trap
Description: The Hardwood™ Fawn Bleat is the “original” call introduced in 1986 wh..
MSRP Price: $11.45
Hardwood Grunter, Trap
Description: Primos introduced its first deer grunt call in 1984. Made from a select hardwood, ..
MSRP Price: $14.45
Lil' Shawty, Hands Free, Buck & Doe, Blister
Description: The Lil' Shawty Hands Free Buck and Doe is an adjustable reed call. Time and time again..
MSRP Price: $10.45
Little Big Roar, Clam
Description: The Little BIG Roar reproduces aggressive buck grunts that you will most commonly ..
MSRP Price: $19.95
Magnum Roar, Trap
Description: The most accurate buck grunts and Challenge Wheeze of any deer call we have ever made a..
MSRP Price: $20.45
Mta, Deer Calling Pack, Clam
Description: Improve your deer hunting skills with the Deer Calling Pak from PRIMOS. With over an ho..
MSRP Price: $28.95
Mta, Deer Pack, Dvd & Still Grunt, Clam
Description: Learn to Master The Art of Deer Hunting. You’ll learn tactics on Team Primos..
MSRP Price: $16.45
Power Buck & Doe, Trap
Description: Primos has been trusted by individuals for decades. Products that are made of quality m..
MSRP Price: $17.45
Power Mule Deer & Blacktail, Trap
Description: The Power Mule Deer and Blacktail Grunter with built-in compass reproduces throaty grun..
MSRP Price: $17.45
Rack-n-roll, Deer Rattling System, Blister
Description: Mimic two mature bucks fighting with the Primos Rack-n-Roll. The Rack-n-Roll was design..
MSRP Price: $23.45
Revolver Grunt
Description: Simple revolving dial design adjusts call for a fawn bleat, doe bleat, doe grunt, young..
MSRP Price: $26.45
Rubberneck, Clam
Description: With the push of a button, the RubberNeck converts from a mature buck grunt to a young ..
MSRP Price: $16.45
Rut Roar
Description: The Primos Rut Roar is our loudest most accurate grunt call. We built upon the Buck Roa..
MSRP Price: $17.95
Speak Easy Electronic Deer, Calling System, Trap
Description: Speak Easy Electronic Deer Calling System Professional call sound at the push of a butt..
MSRP Price: $49.95
Still Grunter, Trap
Description: We created the Still Grunter because we wanted an accurate sound and a grunt call that ..
MSRP Price: $11.45
The Can, Family Pack, With Lil, Original & Great Big Can's, Trap
Description: “THE CAN” family has truly revolutionized deer hunting. The bleats that are..
MSRP Price: $30.45
The Can, Great Big Can, Blister
Description: “THE GREAT BIG CAN” has been tuned to be louder and longer for long-range c..
MSRP Price: $11.95
The Can, Lil Can, Blister
Description: “THE Lil’ CAN” is perfect for early season calling. You can’t g..
MSRP Price: $9.95
The Can, Long Can, With Grip Rings, Trap
Description: The The Long CAN Deer Call from Primos can produce long and intense Estrus bleats that ..
MSRP Price: $13.45
The Can, Original Can, With Grip Rings, Trap
Description: The THE Original CAN Deer Call from Primos reproduces a doe's Estrus bleats to attract ..
MSRP Price: $12.45
Trophy Grunter, Trap
Description: No matter where or what season you hunt, the Trophy Grunter can bring in that BIG Buck ..
MSRP Price: $10.45
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