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Waterfowl Calls

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Big Easy, Trap
Description: The Big Easy Goose Call from Primos is a wooden flute-style vibrant and sassy honker, t..
MSRP Price: $38.95
Classic Wood Duck, Trap
Description: The wood duck’s call, both sitting on the water and flying overhead, is a sound t..
MSRP Price: $19.45
Duck Whistle, Trap
Description: The Duck Whistle and Mallard Drake Grunt call easily reproduces the call of four specie..
MSRP Price: $6.45
Easy Mallard, Trap
Description: The name says it all for the Primos 805 Easy Mallard Duck Call. This call barely requir..
MSRP Price: $12.95
Feedin' Mallard, Trap
Description: The Primos Duck Call, 829 Feedin Mallard Shaker is wonderfully simple to use. Any hunte..
MSRP Price: $19.45
Goose Flute, Trap
Description: Quickly master the flute call of the Canada goose with the flex-end hose of the Canada ..
MSRP Price: $21.45
High Roller, Trap
Description: Attract more game with a Primos 838 High Roller Duck Whistle Call. It's ideal for hunti..
MSRP Price: $16.45
Loretta Hen, Clam
Description: Primos has been trusted by individuals for decades. Products that are made of quality m..
MSRP Price: $43.45
Mean Mallard Doublewood Barrel, With Acrylic Stopper, Trap
Description: The Mean Mallard Double features “Tone Ridges” and “Tuning Ditch..
MSRP Price: $40.45
Mta, Duck Pack, Dvd & Wench Call, Clam
Description: Learn to Master the Art of waterfowl hunting through Team Primos’ most powerful h..
MSRP Price: $24.45
Mta, Goose Pack, Clam
Description: If goose hunting is going to be your focus, this is the pack for you. Our Mastering The..
MSRP Price: $36.45
Phat Lady, Trap
Description: P.H.A.T. = Pretty, Hot and Tempting. Rose polycarbonate, Arkansas style single-reed. Po..
MSRP Price: $28.95
Power Drake & Duck Whistle, Trap
Description: The new larger design of the Power Drake allows for increased volume. It reproduces the..
MSRP Price: $8.45
Pr/Fa Goose Call, Wood Barrel, With Polycarbonate Stopper, Trap
Description: Speak The Language of geese with the Shock Caller. The Shock Caller is a shor..
MSRP Price: $40.45
Pro Mallard, Trap
Description: Add this PS804 Primos Pro Mallard Call to your hunting gear. It features a single-reed ..
MSRP Price: $12.95
Short Reed, Honky Tonk, Trap
Description: What better way to Speak The Language of geese than with the Honky Tonk. The Honky Tonk..
MSRP Price: $31.95
Short Reed, Shaved Reed Snow, Trap
Description: This Reed Snow Goose Call is shaved in a tapered fashion and is designed to deliver tre..
MSRP Price: $24.45
Short Reed, Shaved Reed Speck
Description: Most calls have a reed that is the same thickness from end to end. Through a special pr..
MSRP Price: $24.45
Teal, Trap
Description: We designed this call especially for the teal hunter. This teal call produces the quack..
MSRP Price: $14.95
The Nag, Trap
Description: We had fun trying to name this call. We came up with the name Nag while field-testing t..
MSRP Price: $16.45
The Original Wench, Trap
Description: Wench style duck calls have the patented “Tone Ridges” and “Tuning Di..
MSRP Price: $18.45
Timber Wench, Trap
Description: Wench style duck calls have the patented “Tone Ridges” and “Tuning Di..
MSRP Price: $18.45
Wood Duck, Trap
Description: The Wood Duck Call from Primos reproduces the high-pitched squeal of the wood duck flyi..
MSRP Price: $13.45
Yo' Sista, Trap
Description: The Yo’ Sista is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a smaller soun..
MSRP Price: $28.95
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