Ways to get free raffle tickets.


​1) Pre Register. 

  • Go to our upcoming events and register yourself before May 15th 2015 , you automatically will be eligible for one extra Raffle If you are Acive LE its a raffle for a chance to win firearms. If Non- LE its eligible for chance to win tactical gear.

2) Refer a Friend. 

  • Invite your friend to our Expo 
  • When they Sign in ( at the expo sign in counter) they need to let us know your Name, Department and Phone Number 
  • You get a free Raffle 

3) Leave a comment on our  Facebook Page.

  • Like us on Facebook Page 
  • Leave a comment 
  • Message us You Name , Department & Phone Number .


4) Shop with us on 15th and the 16th May 2015 .


Important Info about the raffle eligibility and drawings .

  • Only Active LE with Valid I.D will be able to participate in the raffle for the firearms.
  • Everybody else will participate in the draw for gears. 
  • You dont have to be present for 5 of the 8 guns that are going to raffled (To be announced soon)
  • Hourly Raffle that will happen every hour starting at 11:00 AM  Friday , is only for the people present at the venue , You will have 20 mins to claim the raffle if not claimed in the next 20 minute will be passed on to the next hours raffle winner.
  • The hourly raffles are drawn from a fresh lot every hour.
  • Yes We do spoil our little guest , we do raffles just for the kids. 
  • Family and Friends of LE are welcome to our expo.
  • You will not be eligible for the Raffle if the details Name, Department and Phone Number's are not properly entered.
  • If you are not Active LE and by mistake your name is drawn on the Firearms list- You will not be eligible for the raffle and it will be considered Void.
  • All Raffle has to be validated at the expo to be eligible for the draw.