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Impact Weapon Restriction form

Impact Weapon Restriction for California Destinations


As per company policy and state guidelines impact weapons can only be sold to peace officers and security guards as defined in Penal Code Sections 12002(a), 12002(b), 12002(f) & 12002(g). This includes side handle (PR-24) and expandable batons. The following persons are allowed to order impact weapons with authentication of employment:

  • Persons with peace officer powers as defined in California Penal Code Sections 830, or 
  • Uniformed Security Guards as certified by the California Department of Consumer Affairs

In order to ship to California destinations, we require authentication of a peace officers affiliation with a law enforcement agency or authentication of a Security Guard's employment. The form below can be used to furnish such authentication. 

To proceed, print this form with your browser's print feature. Fill out the information and include a photocopy of employment ID and fax it to us. Once received, this information is put on file for future purchases of restricted items. Information is subject to verification. No product will be shipped until information is received. All information submitted is considered confidential.

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I certify that I am authorized to purchase and possess impact weapons as prescribed above.
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