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Crucible FX2 Fixed Knives 15C200BK
Designed by respected close-combat instructor and anti- and counter-terrorist expert Kelly McCann, t..
MSRP Price: $132.95
Gideon Drop Point Fixed Knives 15DP00BK
The multipurpose Gideon Drop Point lets you employ the entire edge of the blade for a variety of cut..
MSRP Price: $132.95
Gideon Tanto Fixed Knives 15TP00BK
Featuring a modified “tanto” design, the fixed-blade Gideon Tanto is perfect for piercin..
MSRP Price: $132.95
Kalista II Fixed Knives 15K200BK
Crafted by edged-weapons expert Michael Janich, the Kalista II is a sophisticated concealment knife ..
MSRP Price: $102.45
Kershaw Chive, Mirror Polish Stainless Handle, Plain Edge
Designed by famed knife-maker Ken Onion, the 1660 Chive is probably the best selling Kershaw knife..
MSRP Price: $69.95
Kershaw Responder, Yellow Handle, Combo Edge, No Sheath
The Responder is built to handle everything from extreme sports to rescue situations. The Responde..
Nightedge Serrated Edge Fixed Knives 15NE10BK
Designed by renowned custom knifemaker Allen Elishewitz, this full-sized fixed-blade knife incorpora..
MSRP Price: $153.45
Razorback - Trocar Fixed Knives 15RT00BK
Designed by expert knife tactician Massad Ayoob in cooperation with the International School of Tact..
MSRP Price: $76.95
Tatang Fixed Knives 15TT00BK
Designed by edged-weapons expert Michael Janich, the Tatang employs the savage cutting power of a tr..
MSRP Price: $102.45
United Kingdom Special Forces Fixed Knives 15UK00BK
Drawing from the groundbreaking works of Col. Rex Applegate, W.E. Fairbairn and Brent Beshara, the U..
MSRP Price: $204.45
XSF Punch Dagger Fixed Knives 15PD00BK
The XSF Punch Dagger’s distinctive handle shape delivers remarkable strength and penetration, ..
MSRP Price: $30.45
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