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Justice Series

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Cold Case Investigations - A Guide Model LTCPD01
Description: This guide is designed to provide an overview and practical understanding of the proces..
MSRP Price: $35.00
Dui / Dwi Enforcement 7e Model QC23-7e
Description: This comprehensive guide combines all aspects of DUI / DWI investigations and enforceme..
MSRP Price: $25.00
Gang Slanging Dictionary 3e Model QC18-3e
Description: A guide for law enforcement, emergency medical services, teachers and parents. This fas..
MSRP Price: $20.00
Hostage Situations: From Crisis Intervention To Dealing With Terrorists Model QC28
Description: An introductory guide for those seeking professional development in the issues of hosta..
MSRP Price: $25.00
Informants 3e: A Guide To Developing And Controlling Informants Model QC25-3e
Description: Knowing the proper procedures for handling an informant is important for officers. The ..
MSRP Price: $25.00
Interview And Interrogation With Eyewitness Evidence - 2e: A Guide Model QC24
Description: Understand how the interview and interrogation processes interrelate. The more confiden..
MSRP Price: $25.00
Sex Crimes Model QC33
Description: This guide combines the author's two sex crime interview books A Guide to Interviewing ..
MSRP Price: $25.00
Shooting Handguns 4e Model QC17-4e
Description: A complete and concise guide to the selection, use and maintenance of both revolvers an..
MSRP Price: $20.00
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